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What is your scope of service?

GES is offering a wide spectrum of regular and deep cleaning services from a single source. Besides our professional home cleaning services, we are also rendering special cleaning demands from our valued clients. Thus, the scope of our cleaning services depends on the package you have chosen. It is expressly agreed and understood that we will not render any other service except those included in your package. Should you wish to avail of additional or extra services, you may book another cleaning appointment with us.

What is included in your regular cleaning?

Our regular cleaning includes the following services:
In all rooms

• Dust and wipe furniture, appliances, and surfaces
• Dust and wipe picture frames, lamps, accessories, decorations, and woodworks
• Dust blinds and ceiling fans
• Remove cobwebs from ceiling to walls
• Wipe doors, doorframes, baseboards, sockets, and windowsills
• Clear clutter
• Vacuum and mop floorings and mats
• Polish mirrors
• Empty trash bins and replace trash bags
• Empty and clean ashtrays
• Clean and sanitize doorknobs and light switches

• Clean and sanitize toilet, toilet fixtures, bathtub, shower cabin, shower walls, flooring, and utensils
• Clean, sanitize, and polish washbasin, backsplash, faucet, and fixtures
• Scrub water deposits
• Dust and wipe cabinets front, countertop, shelves, and other surfaces
• Polish glass panels
• Hang and fold towels

• Dust and wipe cabinets front, drawers, countertop, shelves, and other surfaces
• Clean and polish sink, backsplash, faucet, and fixtures
• Surface clean small kitchen appliances, refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave, and range hood
Living and dining room 

• Dust and wipe drawers, cupboards, dining table, chairs, shelves, and other furniture
• Polish wooden furniture
• Dust TV and other appliances
• Vacuum carpets, rugs, upholstery, and upholstered furniture

• Dust and wipe closets front, drawers, bedframe, side tables, shelves, and other furniture
• Polish wooden furniture
• Vacuum carpets, rugs, upholstery, and upholstered furniture
• Make beds and change linens
• Fold loose clothing

Are you also offering other services than home cleaning?

Besides our professional home cleaning, we are also rendering special cleaning demands from our valued clients upon request. Please use the contact form which you can find under our section soClean to get in touch with us and we will be happy to address your inquiries. Even though our core business is currently home cleaning, we are always trying to serve all your needs and to expand our portfolio to cover more household requirements. Please note that a minimum fee of one thousand Pesos is required for special bookings.

Is there anything you do not clean or service?

We do not partake the following in our service:
• Cleaning inside cabinets and drawers
• Cleaning curtains and chandeliers
• Outdoor window cleaning
• Dish washing and drying
• Cleaning grease trap
• Clearing groceries
• Food preparation and cooking
• Laundry, ironing, and folding of clothes
• Shoe polishing
• Heavy moving of furniture
• Packing and unpacking
• Pet litter and pet cages cleaning
• Pet grooming
• Pest control, termite treatment, and fumigation
• Janitorial services and maintenance
• Garden landscaping

Which regional areas are you currently servicing?

We are servicing the following buildings at Rockwell Center in Makati: Amorsolo Square, Edades Tower & Garden Villas, Hidalgo Place, Joya Lofts & Towers, Luna Gardens, One Rockwell, Rizal Tower, and The Manansala. As we expand our team, our areas covered may expand as well.

What is a booked time slot? What if the cleaners did not complete their cleaning within this time slot?

Our cleaners will arrive anytime during your assigned time slot and will immediately commence cleaning the area. The duration of the cleaning service will depend on the circumstances of the area to be cleaned. Cleaning shall start, but need not be completed within the booked time slot.

What if the cleaners did not start the cleaning within my booked time slot?

If our cleaners failed to start the cleaning services within the scheduled time slot, your payment will be refunded to you. However, you may also choose to push through with your cleaning appointment or reschedule to some other time.

How long will the cleaning process take?

Our priority is quality and we ensure that your home is thoroughly cleaned before we leave. The cleaning process time may vary depending on the size of your property, furnishing, degree of dirt accumulation, and other factors alike.

How do the cleaners access my home? Do I need to be present during the cleaning service?

As a safety rule of all buildings at Rockwell Center in Makati, our cleaners will only be allowed to access your property if you or an authorized representative of yours is present in your home to give us access. If no one is there when our cleaners arrive during the scheduled time slot, a grace period of fifteen (15) minutes will be given. If our cleaners cannot enter your home, you cannot reschedule the service and your payment will be forfeited.

During the cleaning process, you or your authorized representative can choose to stay or leave. Should you or your reference person opt to leave, we will inform you or your authorized representative as soon as the cleaning process ends to be able to check our work and secure your place. 

Why do you conduct an ocular survey in my home?

Upon your registration and first booking, an ocular survey of your property shall be made by a GES representative in order to fully use all services.

What is a pre- and post-cleaning survey?

Prior to the commencement and upon the completion of every cleaning service, you or your authorized representative shall sign in acknowledgement a pre- and post-cleaning survey concerning the condition of the area given by GES cleaners.

Can I give the cleaners instructions?

Yes, you can kindly inform our cleaners in the beginning of the cleaning if there is anything you would like to give special attention. However, all of our cleaners are professionally trained and experienced and know how to treat your valued properties. Unfortunately, we do not cater special requests that are either not part of our competences or have not been booked.

Do you change bed sheets?

If you want to have your bed sheets changed, just leave it by the bed or inform our cleaners and give them the sheets and our cleaners will make the beds for you.

How many cleaners will be in my home?

For a regular cleaning, we are usually sending two professional cleaners. However, this might vary depending on the service you have availed and on other factors like the size of your home. We will notify you before the cleaning starts about the cleaning team.

Do you send female or male cleaners?

We believe that a good mix of female and male cleaners is most efficient and combines the strengths mutually. Hence, we have a mix with our teams.

Do you offer cleaning service on holidays?

We do not offer our cleaning service on holidays. We believe that our cleaners also have the right to spend time with their families during those days. Additionally, House Rules of Rockwell Center in Makati prohibit professional cleaning service on holidays.

Do you continue and complete cleaning if there is brown out or black out? What happens if there are water interruptions?

Customers need to ensure that electricity, water, and other facilities required are available to our cleaners anytime and free of charge. Should there be no electricity or water access due to brown out or black out or other circumstances, GES have the right to refuse rendering the full service. However, we will always try our best to continue and complete the scheduled cleaning service of your home.


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